No Passion or Lack of Passion?

How many musicians are lacking inspiration and therefore, it causes a lull in one’s career or in their active participation in the very thing that they loved? This makes me wonder… I’ve been told that I do not seem passionate about what I do; I beg to differ of course.

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

I believe that the lack of inspirational presence around me causes me to appear lacking in the passion department. Most days I sit and daydream about what I want to be doing with my life, however dreams and reality are extreme opposites for most. My dream would be, to get paid to engineer successful artists and writers in the studio. To live my days at the studio doing exactly what I love. Now I realize that not many people are able to do exactly what they dream about. Those people most likely listened to the critics and changed directions to the safer life route. I’ll tell you this, being a doctor or a lawyer is just as risky as wanting to be a recording engineer. People who go to medical school and law school will incur hundred’s of thousands of dollars in debt via student loans. That is a gamble to even assume that you will be a well-paid doctor or lawyer. Now, I did take a more untraditional route to get into the music industry, and I went to college. I have a piece of paper that says I am trained in the field of Audio Technology. Now, with that I am using my experience and expertise to land the career of a lifetime.

Many people have a different take on how to show passion. Passion by definition is a strong feeling or amorous desire. Passion in my life means the pursuit of one’s dreams and never faulting in that. Don’t get me twisted; there are days that I second-guess my choices, due to income problems and the lack of job security. However, I know that eventually all of my hard work will have its pay off and people will see me shine.

So for all the people who believe they have lost their passion, think about what is inspiring you, or what used to inspire you. For instance, I am sitting in DTP’s studio right this moment. I not engineering at the moment, but being in the presence of people who cherish music and its process, gives me that giddy feeling all over again. I feel re-energized and revived.

My passion is a ablaze once again.


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